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The FLOATLAND is an innovation that offers privacy, serenity and relaxation on the water in safety, far away from the crowded and tumultuous beaches.
The 7 m2 stable floating land is equipped with an electric motor with i-Pilot GPS Trolling System. I-Pilot uses GPS to set Spot-Locks, record paths, control speed/ steering, and more. It makes floating land positioning and control automatic. It is very easy to use and does not require experience or a boating license.
The combination of design and technology enables the user to enjoy his glide across the water, to stop in a private spot at any time , enjoy swimming and sunbathing without sand on his feet.
Its stability allows you to enjoy your morning workout, yoga and even capoeira under clear skies on the water. The hexagonal shape is its advantage as it makes the floatland suitable for many uses.
The floatland can be placed on calm waters and is especially suited to waterfront resorts, lagoons, limpid coves, and rocky inlets. Thefloatland in the no electric motor format either one only or connecting several together is the solution to shortage of space along beaches and beachless waterfronts as it creates space for swimmers to stay .


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Why Hexagon

THEFLOATLAND's hexagonal shape enablesmultiple connections (cellular connection)without the existence of gaps, for the creationof large floating surfaces (n*7,00m2), (where nis the number of individuals) for extra valueservices to more than 4 people and events onthe water. The connection of several non-electric onestogether creates a floating island of variablesize anchored and easily movable suitable foraccommodating many people while enjoyingthe different uses of the boat. From individual to multiple connections, the stability and the safety of THEFLOATLAND remains the same.


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THEFLOATLAND's design team is ready to evolve the stability of the float adding an environmentally friendly technology and to develop new floats that will revolutionize many areas such as : providing large amounts of energy, using solar panels mounted on THEFLOATLANDs which can all be connected, providing a means of recreation for people also with disabilities, as well as creating a landing surface for helicopters or disembarking customers after landing seaplanes, etc. We are looking for investors in our concepts If this is of interest to you we would be delighted to have you on board with us conquer the future together.

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THEFLOATLAND team is at your disposal to create your own customized version. From changing the hull (color,material), deck & railings material,awning type and equipment tochanging the hull size and theelectronics. Energy is resurrectedby the use of solar-panels for long-term use. Changing the size and designrequires further stability research.


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